1. Huck your meat.

  2. Life’s a beach.

  3. We didn’t find the loot, but we found this treasure, a cold spring pool along the Owens.

  4. Hucking rocks into the Rio Grande Gorge with Mikey.

  5. Starbursts make great antenna boosters.

  6. Bodes. Abiquiu, NM.

  7. More clouds in New Mexico.

  8. Early mornings are cool, in New Mexico.

  9. New Mexico is pretty tight.

  10. Deutschland, Deutschland ├╝ber alles!!!!

  11. Crawdaddy haircuts.

  12. I made a new friend.

  13. Watch the road Dad!

  14. Touchdown Jesus! (at University of Notre Dame)

  15. I’m a good locksmith. #dontbegentleitsarental (at Notre Dame Stadium)